How does your program work?
We specialize in 30-minute resistance training workouts, delivered in a high vibe environment, by professional fitness clinicians and trainers. All workouts are by appointment only and we offer private and semi-private sessions (avg group size of 4 people). The workouts are uniquely designed to build strength, muscle tone, cardiovascular endurance, and improve flexibility and range of motion. Each day is a different workout and every two weeks we switch to a different training style.
What do you mean by resistance training?
Resistance training is a catchall term for weight lifting/strength training. In your PURE workouts, the “weight” will come in many different forms
  • 80-90% of the time you’ll be training on machines because they require very little skill to perform, they are generally safer, and more effective at targeting muscles, all of which make for a more time-efficient workout.
  • 10-20% of the time you’ll use free weights, bodyweight, TRX, and manual resistance exercises.
Is 30-minutes really enough?

Yes, especially when you consider the type of exercise you’ll be doing and how you’ll be doing it.

Consider this, when most people workout in a gym they’ll do a little bit of this exercise, a little bit of that exercise, and a good amount of socializing. And typically their focus and effort are not meaningful enough to make significant physical changes. So they don’t…for years. 😥

Our 30-minute workout will be focused effort and working at a capacity you are capable of but would never strive for on your own and without distractions or wasted time.

How many days a week should i train?

It will probably come as shock to you but we do not recommend more than 2-3 PURE workouts a week.

With our training method𑁋just as it is with medicine𑁋there is an ideal “dosage” to get the desired response (i.e. increased strength, muscle tone, fat loss, conditioning). Any amount above or below this dosage will not produce optimal results.

Should i do additional exercises on my own?

Not unless you are doing it purely for enjoyment.

As alluded to in the previous question, exercise serves as a stimulus that sets positive physical changes in motion. The positive changes don’t take place while you are exercising but rather when you are recovering from exercise.

If a person is constantly exercising then they can’t recover from it𑁋which typically takes 48-72 hours. The more frequently and longer this carries on the harder it becomes to fully recover and reap exercise’s benefits. In essence, you’re just spinning your wheels and not going anywhere.

That said if as a result of your training you feel more able to go out and enjoy certain physical and recreational activities then by all means do so. Being able to enjoy life is the entire purpose of exercise in the first place!

What about cardio?

What about cardio?!? You’ll find out in your first couple of workouts that our style of training is more “cardio” than cardio.

If you want the sciency reason as to why we deliberately don’t encourage cardio then CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO

What if i want to lose fat?

We can help you do that! In fact, it’s one of the things we excel at.

And one of the first things you’ll learn from us is how little exercise (especially cardio!) contributes to fat loss. It certainly plays a role but it’s a lot smaller than you’ve been led to believe.

Want more sciency stuff on this one? WATCH THIS

Will you help me with my nutrition?

Yes. There are two ways that we can help with your nutrition.

1) All members get FREE access to our weekly group coaching where we will answer all of your nutrition and nutrition mindset-related questions. You also get access to our VIP Coaching Club on Facebook where we have additional resources and our fitness app where you can track simple daily habits and meals if you choose.

2) We also provide in-depth individualized nutrition and mindset coaching as part of our VIP Transformation Program. This is an add-on service where we…

  • Help you develop a specific nutrition strategy
  • Work with you to build a meal plan
  • Make ongoing revisions to your plan
  • Assign you an accountability coach
  • Daily check-ins and communication
  • Monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls
  • Weekly group coaching
  • Detailed habit tracking
  • And results monitoring
Will i always have a trainer?

100%!! If you’re to get the best results possible, in the shortest amount of time, then having a knowledgeable professional there to supervise you is key.

In a 12-week study comparing SUPERVISED vs. UNSUPERVISED trainees…

  • Supervised improved strength by 12-24% more compared to unsupervised.
  • Supervised added 2.9 lbs of Lean Body Mass versus 0 lbs for unsupervised.
  • 53% of the LBM gained by the supervised group was lean muscle in the arms and legs versus a loss of lean muscle in those areas for the unsupervised.
  • The aerobic capacity for the supervised group increased by 7% whereas the unsupervised group lost as much as 3%.
  • The unsupervised group spent nearly 15% more time exercising than the supervised group.
  • During the 12 wks the supervised group had 100% attendance to their workouts.
Is it like crossfit?

No, this is nothing like crossfit except that you will work just as hard (if not harder). But as far as safety and time investment go, we are at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to crossfit.

How do you track my progress?

As part of your membership, you get unlimited use of our Fit3D scanner which gives us a detailed report of changes in your body composition and measurements. If you are a 1-on-1 personal training client your Fitness Clinician/Trainer will maintain detailed records of your workouts so that we can assess your strength improvements over time.

But to be totally honest the greatest measure of your progress will be how much stronger and energetic you feel doing normal daily activities, as well as how your clothes feel.

What if my spouse wants to join?

Simply invite them in! We will take them through a free intro workout and get them set up. As a couple, we have different options depending on if you are doing personal training or small-group training.

Can i sign up my child for training? how old do they need to be?

Yes. We love seeing kids get involved with safe, effective resistance training as early as possible! When it comes to kids training at PURE…

Kids under the age of 13 yr may only participate in 1-on-1 personal training or a tandem/family session with a parent or other sibling(s).

Kids 13 yr or older may participate in GRT after an introductory 1-on-1 personal training session to establish proper form and be taught the fundamentals of safe resistance training.

What is the pure physique app for and how is it different from my scheduling app?

The PURE PHYSIQUE app is where you can track simple daily habits and meals, get access to nutrition and mindset coaching replays, online workouts, and participate in our fitness challenges.

What is the membership and how does it work?

We have multiple membership options depending upon goals, needs and training preferences (1-on-1 vs. semi-private). But generally all of our membership packages accommodate for either two or three weekly sessions and are sold as month-to-month or three-month packages.

How do i get started?

Contact any one of our LOCATIONS and book a Free Intro Workout through the contact form on its page. A representative from that location will reach out and get scheduled for your workout.

How do i schedule sessions when i join?
When you join we will set up your appointments for the first week. After that, all of your appointments should be made and managed in the Mindbody scheduling app GET.MNDBDY.LY/S1UD/TBMWUN87IS




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